“I’m a pretty girl who’s a model who doesn’t suck as an actress.”

“What we women need to do, instead of worrying about what we don’t have, is just love what we do have.”

“My Latin roots are very strong. All my life, because I’m blonde and blue-eyed, people who aren’t Hispanic can’t believe I am. And people who are Hispanic always think I’m not, because I don’t look like them. Being Latin is part of who I am and I bring that part to every role.”

“Your regrets aren’t what you did, but what you didn’t do. So I take every opportunity.”

“I would kiss a frog even if there were no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs. I’d lick him.”

“Growing up, I was the plain one. I had no style. I was the tough kid with the comb in the back pocket and the feathered hair.”

“I’m like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans.”

“We have a voice now and we’re not using it. Women have so much to lose. I mean, we could lose the right to our bodies. If you think rape should be legal then don’t vote. But if you think you have a right to your body and you have a right to say what happens to you and fight off that danger of losing that, then you should vote.”

“I grew up with a lot of boys. I probably have a lot of testosterone for a woman.”

“Grease is the only cure for a hangover.”

“I don’t say that I won’t do nudity for other people’s benefit. It has nothing to do with other people’s, it’s just what I’m comfortable with. I can’t say this enough, I’m totally comfortable with my body. I like my body, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I think I have a nice body, I’m happy with it.”

“I need a cheeseburger now and again… I’d rather just work out harder instead of eating only raw stuff.”

“I won’t tell the name of my cats. That’s something that is mine, and I don’t want the whole world to know.”

“Me & Justin sang a couple of duets in the car once… They didn’t go so well.”

“There were times when I’d go, ‘This outfit would look so badass with stilettos.’ You wanted those 4-inch heels, those wrappy, strappy, show-off-your pedicure shoes, but you couldn’t do it. At the beginning of the scene it would have been fine because I’m just hanging out with the dude. But the next thing you know, you’re kicking the dude’s rear, so you had to make sure you had the right shoes on.”

“When you’re speaking Spanish, I know what you’re saying, I really do. I just cannot respond to you back in Spanish. I can barely speak English properly. I didn’t grow up in a Cuban or Latin community. I grew up in Southern California on the beach, basically. And I’m third generation. I’m of Cuban descent, but I’m American.”

“The last couple of years were hell. Like, I can’t even tell you, it was so hard. I didn’t know how to handle it. But I think I’m in a much better place now, because I stepped away for a second and took a breath. Hollywood is a funny place. It offers so much, but it can also take a lot away from you.”

“Men are pretty easy to figure out. I totally get them.”

“I am really curious to know what it’s like to pee standing and all those guy things.”

Quotes from co-stars and others

Ben Stiller
“She’s a very down-to-earth woman. She’s just a regular person, with a goofy sense of humor. We used to live in the same apartment building in L.A., so i bought one of her leather chairs from her. She gave me a good deal.”

Cameron Crowe
“Cameron isn’t one of those actresses who’s been away from reality for so long that she can’t even say a line like ‘I’m going out to pick up some groceries’ and make you believe her.”

Christina Applegate
“She’s one of the most magnificent human beings I’ve met.”

Dermot Mulroney
“Cameron is a goddess and so damn funny. Her laugh is definitely worth getting out of bed for in the morning. She’s just stunning.”

Drew Barrymore:
“Cameron’s got this incredible effervescence – a crazy, funny energy that bubbles out of her. A part of me wants to protect that for her.”

Jennifer Lopez
“Cameron’s a lucky model who’s been given a lot of opportunities. I just wish she would have done more with them.”

Jordana Brewster
“Cameron’s awesome. Sometimes girls, especially pretty ones, have this thing where they just don’t want to like eachother, and I hate dealing with that. Cameron is not like that at all. She’s not at all self-conscious, she doesn’t have an ego, and she’s so totally natural and confident.”

Lucy Liu
“For Cameron, it’s all about transformation and change – like turning a skirt into a tube top. Something could cost $10 or $10,000 – either way, she makes it work.”

Luke Wilson
“I got the feeling that she was a real Hollywood star when I met her, and I mean that in a good way. That was the first time I ever felt blown away by a person who was really genetically designed for the big screen. She’s also a great girl with a great sense of humor… not to mention beautiful.”

“Cameron Diaz was so cute at the MTV Movie Awards when she pulled her skirt up and wiped her armpits.”